Sunday, 18 November 2007

English class report

The following report was made by the teacher of english in the Kathaluwa skills & learning centre.
English Class – Report

Commenced classes on 15th of September 2007

Two students were registered on the first day.
“Nadun Vihagana” of Grade 2 was the first student.
We started classes with one student on the same day.
Mrs. Sonali Gunaratne taught the first student.
She explained how to conduct classes and we discussed future plans.
On 17th September 20 students were registered.
The number of students gradually increased day by day and on 23rd of September there were 35 students in all classes.
Mr. Maithri Gunaratne, Mrs. Sonali Gunaratne and Mrs. Shamini Matthew called daily to get to know about the classes and they made many suggestions how to continue the classes successfully.
First we thought to charge Rs.100 from each student, but most of the students were unable to pay that amount.
I discussed this with Mr. Maithri and he asked me to continue the classes free of charge.
I bought some grammar books, reading books and painting books
I received some grammar books, reading books, painting books, white boards, marker pens etc. on 25th September from Mrs. Munasinghe .
I received some Lady Bird story books and comprehension books from Master
Gunaratne Charitha Gunaratne and Master Migara Gunaratne.
After 3 weeks altogether there were 62 students from Grade 1 -13.
On 6th October Mr. Maithri, Mrs. Sonali, Mrs. Mathew and my self discussed a possible visit of Lions’ Club members.
On the same day Mr. Maithri made many suggestions to encourage students to speak English fluently.
On 15th October, 1 month after starting the classes there were 78 students.
There are 2 classes on weekdays and 3 classes on Saturdays.
School students are more interested and very few attend the adults’ class.
Many parents have requested me to concentrate on teaching children their school text books.
Most of the students have a very poor knowledge in English. They are gradually improving.
I teach English grammar, reading, comprehension and also spoken English.
Mrs. Sonali was very interested in teaching the students. Many times she gave extra lessons to them and the students were very happy.
Mrs. Mathew and Mrs. Sonali visited the class many times while I teach. They watch while I teach.
I got many new ideas from Mrs. Sonali, Mrs. Mathew and Mr. Maithri.
On 15th November there were 102 students and on 16th November another 30 new students came.
I spoke to Mrs. Mathew and registered them too.

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