Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Kathaluwa & Orphans International Worldwide

Kathaluwa learning centre, founded by Mrs Sharmini Mathew, and the supporting group on facebook are working closely to reach a full agreement in joining forces with Orphans International Worldwide .

Kathaluwa is a small village in the south of Sri Lanka, an area affected by the tsunami.

Jim Luce, founder or OI and I are in constant touch in order to best serve this wonderful initiative and overpass great difficulties that appear along the way.

John Lee, appointed officer of OI in Sri Lanka is having meetings with Mrs Mathew and other supporters so that we see more success being achieved and more children and people being helped.

If you would like to take a taste of what we are doing, or even better, if you would like to donate 2 dollars per week, you will be surprised what can be achieved!

George Karahalios

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