Saturday, 8 December 2007


Kathaluwa Education & Life Skills Centre, Southern Sri Lanka

Athens, Greece, Dec 8, 2007

Yesterday I managed to install a paypal software so that supporters of Kathaluwa Initiative can donate a dollar or a euro, something that wasn't possible before because of the high bank charges.

To know more about this humanitarian project in the Southern Sri Lankan village of Kathaluwa, please visit the website

Also you can join the facebook group for being updated

If you want to donate just send an email here:
We will send you a paypal request to your inbox and you can donate anything you feel appropriate. Don't be shy; We cannot trace what you donated and we will never use your email for any silly commercial things.

Your help can also be by sending us your ideas on how to better help these people, your expertise, inviting your friends to facebook group Kathaluwa, post to a blog or forum, write an article about us etc etc
Or even just sending us a note to refresh our energy!. All these are forms of help. We need your help!

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